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Big news! (For me anyway.) Stephen's books are now being re-released as eBooks.

That's right - for a fraction of the price of the now hard to find paperbacks, you can download electronic versions for your iPad, Kindle, Kobo, e-reader or whatever. Right now you can get them in various formats through eBook publisher SmashWords through this link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/31621.

In January 2011, you should also be able to buy them directly through Apple iTunes, Amazon.com and other major eBook retailers.

Chip off the Old writes block

A collection of the best of Stephen Lautens' columns from the past 8 years (plus a bunch of so-so ones thrown in as filler).

Stephen Lautens proves that the 'nut doesn't fall far from the tree' in this hilarious collection of almost a hundred of his best columns about "helpful" bank clerks, "empowered" customer service reps, telemarketers, and otherwise dealing with a world that often refuses to see how little sense it makes.

Plus there's the joys of parenthood and you'll also finally discover the main difference between men and women (hint - it's all about flashlights, home surgery, and how you feel about finding bulk toilet paper on sale).

Open this book anywhere for a much needed dose of laughs and sanity.

"I just want to thank you for the chuckles. I will be giggling for days." - T.K., Calgary

"I just had to let you know that I really look forward to your articles. I laughed out loud at today's column." - C.L., Halifax

"Keep on entertaining us, a person can never laugh too often." - F.G., London

ISBN: 978-0-986-81270-5
eBook (all formats)
Approx. 51,000 words (pages are so passe...)
The last blitzkrieg

April, 1945 - The Russians are at the gates of Berlin. The war is won. Or is it?

What they don't know is that even as the Red Army is dealing Nazi Germany its final death blow, reluctant hero of the Reich, Hauptmann Simon Trager, is working his way to the heart of Moscow with the last of Germany's wonder weapons - a new bomb of unimaginable power that will change the course of history.

But destroying Moscow and paralyzing the communist juggernaut advancing through Europe is only one part of the larger master plan of SS General von Glatz to set the allies at each other's throats, betray Hitler and make a separate peace with the West to save Germany on the brink of its final defeat.

From the crumbling ruins of Hitler's bunker to the surreal sewers under Moscow's Kremlin, The Last Blitzkrieg is an intricate, fast-paced thriller woven around real people and actual historical events sometimes more surprising than fiction.

ISBN: 978-0-9868127-1-2
eBook (all formats)
Approx. 136,700 words


Noble Hearts

Stephen Lautens, editor & contributor

Noble Hearts is the story of the founding of The Order of Saint Joachim, a 250 year old order of chivalry. As an order of knighthood founded in 1755, The Order of St. Joachim is unique in that it pledged to promote religious tolerance in an age where faith violently divided Europe. It also extended its charity to not only the assistance of its own members, but also the widows and orphans of war created in the turbulent 18th century.

Reproduced in this illustrated volume are several articles about The Order of Saint Joachim's early history, including an inquiry into its founding members, its early rules and regulations, and how an approach by the Order to George Washington inadvertently shaped the young American nation.

Also included is the complete text of Sir Levett Hanson's 1803 chapter about the Order's history and its ceremonies.

Coming soon as an eBook