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You've stumbled upon my website dedicated to my writing. Although wasn't my day job, for more than 16 years I wrote a weekly column for the Calgary Sun. It also occasionally appeared in other Sun papers, as well as having been a regular weekly columnist for The National Post, London Free Press and the Toronto Sun. Until its demise I was a regular "pundit" appearing on the Sun News Network (as their "voice of reason"). Through my Twitter "work" I am regularly quoted in numerous publications such as CNN, the Huffington Post, the CBC and even Al Jazeera. I have appeared as a top "#cdnpoli influencer" (whatever that is) on Twitter. I also have written freelance articles for several magazines like Canadian Lawyer Magazine and other publications.

I also partnered with Steven Kerzner (Ed the Sock's human alter ego) doing a semi-regular podcast on Canadian politics. It started during the 2015 federal election, and while we are both busy with other stuff, we still talk about doing more.

I was also asked during the 2015 election to do a cameo by the good people at Truth Mashup - a satire video channel - for a project called "Harper History" looking back at the 2015 election from 2025. They're funny people and I had a lot of fun with their 6-part mini-series.

I've archived some of my columns on my blog here: Stephen's Parking Space. And it's free! Where are the rest of the columns from the last few years? Glad you asked. Let me direct your attention to the book on the right. If you write long enough eventually you have enough material for a book. A Chip Off The Old Writer's Block is a collection of almost 100 of my best columns (okay, maybe not best, but some of them are pretty good) and is available as an eBook. That's right - technology baby. It is also available on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com. While you're at it, check out my World War II thriller, The Last Blitzkrieg.

I'm currently working on other writing and also do some public speaking and political commentary on my blog and as a devoted Twitterer.

On this website you'll also find a short tribute to my late father, Toronto Star columnist Gary Lautens who passed away more than 20 year ago now. There's also a short biography and two of his favourite columns reproduced here. Look for his columns in "Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul", "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Treasury", "Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul", and "Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul". (That's a lot of Chicken Soup.)

Speaking of which, my own stories have appeared in various Chicken Soup for the Soul books - 4 so far with the most recent in February, 2015. One of my stories appeared in "Chicken Soup for the Father & Son Soul" (May, 2008). Pretty appropriate, eh? I've already cashed my cheque and blown it on a tank of gas, so I'm not getting rich on sales, but I do like the article (page 252 - thanks for asking).

Another story of mine appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul - O Canada, The Wonders of Winter,in 2013 and again in 2014 in Chicken Soup for the Soul - Christmas in Canada, and 2015's Chicken Soup for the Soul - Hope & Miracles available in better bookstores, airports and book clubs all over the western hemisphere.

For a look at my slightly more scholarly writing, check my recent cover stories for Canadian Lawyer Magazine.


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Partnering up with Steven Kerzner (aka "Ed the Sock") we produced a series of one hour current events and politics podcasts. People call it "refreshing" which we assume is a good thing. It's available now on iTunes (for free). Other guest appearances on other people's podcasts are collected here (when I remember to post them).


I have an on-again, off-again (mostly-off again) relationship with my blog. It found new life as a snarky add-on to my Twitter activity and to archive my writing. It's mostly political, but can be a lot of fun (for me anyway).

You can find some of my writing on my blog. I was going to say "enjoy", but I read your letters. If you're looking for "Golden Oldies" this site has an archive of columns from 1997 to 2003.

Here's a collection of my columns in eBook form so you can carry me on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo or whatever for only $2.99.

Here's my novel that blends fact and fiction about the closing days of World War II into a thriller in the tradition of The Eagle has Landed.

The Russians are at the gates of Berlin. The war is won. Or is it? Even as the Red Army deals Nazi Germany its death blow, Hauptmann Träger, reluctant hero of the Reich, is working his way to the heart of Moscow with the last of Germany’s wonder weapons. The Last Blitzkrieg is a fast-paced thriller woven around real people and actual historical events sometimes more surprising than fiction.

Available at Smashwords and iTunes as an eBook so you can carry me on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo or whatever for only $5.99.